The stained glass windows were designed by an artist from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Michael Brandt, and a team from St Andrew’s:  Dexter & Bernice Schaubs, Lupe Carper, and Diann Mohammadian.

At least 30 members of St Andrew’s, led by Dexter and Bernice Schaubs, helped to break the glass pieces, assemble the window, add the leading, and create the lovely windows for our Sanctuary. (They had T-shirts that said “I broke glass at St Andrew’s”).  The work took three years and was completed in 1993.  The only window in our sanctuary not made by the St Andrew’s crew was the long slender window on the eastern end of the wall behind the altar.  That one was moved from our original sanctuary (now the fellowship hall).

The wall between the Narthex and the Sanctuary have eight windows with (from west to east) the symbols of St Paul, St John, St Luke, St Peter, Martin Luther, St Mark, St Matthew, and St Andrew.

The windows on the Sanctuary walls include three stories from the Old Testament:  Creation, the Flood, and the Giving of the Law (Ten Commandments).  Then the life of Jesus:  the Nativity, the Baptsim, Sermon on the Mount, Feeding of the Five Thousand, Healing the Blind Man, and that completes the wall facing West.  On the East side beginning near the north end the stories continue with Cleansing the Temple, The Prodigal Son, the Lord’s Supper,Garden of Gethsemane, Crucifixion, and the Resurrection.  finally above the door out of the Sanctuary (facing south) is the Ascension Window.  A copy of this window was made and given to the ELCA Church Headquarters in Chicago as a special gift from our Synod!