On this page are links to pages that you can explore to deepen your faith, find more information about our church, and issues important to us.

Devotional in nature

  • Sight psalms:  Photos linked with a brief quote that prompts our faith: http://www.gbod.org/misc/sight-psalms
  • Sacred Space – a beautiful on-line daily meditative prayer  (an Irish Jesuit site) http://www.sacredspace.ie
  • Daily prayer – tied to weekly texts with beautiful accompanying music (by such artists as Ken Medema)  (It is a joint effort by the Presbyterian, Episcopal and Baptist churches.) http://www.d365.org/

Our Church bodies

  • Website for our synod: the East Central Synod of Wisconsin.  Events and mission opportunities in our synod.  Includes our Resource Center that has many wonderful free materials to lend us. www.ecsw.org
  • Website for our denomination:   the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Also  has many mission opportunities and lots for learning, deepening our faith, leadership, and church management. www.elca.org
  • Website for our local camping ministry:  Crossways Camping Ministries.  Many wonderful camping and retreat opportunities to deepen our faith at any age:  www.crosswayscamps.org 

Learning (Bible, Luther, Worship, Spirituality)

  • Enter the Bible – a bible study resource from Luther Seminary. Includes a glossary and videos, notes, articles, maps, images on every book of the bible by Luther Seminary scholars.  All to enrich our personal bible study – you can create a free account and save your own footnotes and track your learning.http://www.enterthebible.org/
  • Project Wittenberg offers free access to works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans. http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/wittenberg/wittenberg-home.html
  • Text Week offers so many sermons, articles and other materials about the appointed texts for any Sunday, plus a scripture index to help you find more about any given scripture. http://www.textweek.com/
  • The Spirituality and Practice site offers literally hundreds of links to various faith practices, reviews of poetry, books, and movies that lend themselves to spiritual practice and discernment, and on-line classes studying (and sometimes studying with) the great voices of faith and spirituality in our civilization.  wonderful to explore. http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/
  • Vibrant Faith at Home encourages people of all ages and family types to practice their faith at home.  Offers seasonal suggestions for activities, missions and faith practices in the home.  Vibrant Faith ministries grew out of the Youth and Family Institute from Augsburg College in Minnesota.  Excellent usable resources! http://www.vibrantfaithathome.org/