We have two avenues for getting folks lifted up on the Prayer Chain:  Anytime you would like people or concerns included in the prayer chain or in the Prayers of the Congregation in worship, you can let our Prayer Chain coordinator, Cindy Bruce, know by email savedbygrace773@gmail.com.  You can also let Pastor Karen Jewell know by email pastor@standrewsoshkosh.org or by phone (920) 235-6616 at church or (920) 232-8287 at home.

Prayers on the prayer chain are considered confidential unless we are told it is OK to speak of the situation in the community, and the members of the prayer chain DO NOT discuss the content or names prayed for, nor will they contact the person or family of those being prayed for.

Names and situations lifted up in the Sunday Prayers in our worship are only included with the knowledge and permission of the person or people involved.  Please don’t make a prayer request for prayers in our worship without the permission of those named in our Sunday Prayers.  We want to pray for your concerns – thank you for letting us help to pray for you and with you.